It very important for our Churches to get their people involved in the church in some way. Having Church activities has many benefits such as: outreach to new people, retention of members, excitement, and a strong fellowship to name a few. I want to list a few activities which helps accomplish the above. There are many more not listed here. If you have had a fun activity and would like to share, please email me at

This is just a suggested agenda for a year of Bible/Fun activities.

  1. January

    1. New Years – Theme New Beginning – Pot Luck dinner.

  2. February

    1. Valentine Day – Theme God’s love for us – Potluck with Games

    2. Souper (Super) bowl party – Theme Football – Potluck soup/chili contest

  3. March

    1. Daylight Saving Time – Theme – A time for all things – Game Night.

  4. April

    1. Easter – Theme – Christ arose – Sat Easter Egg Hunt/grill hot dogs/burgers.

    2. Good Friday Service – Death of Christ – Communion.

  5. May

    1. Childrens night out – Theme Mother’s Day – Night off for Mom – Kids do crafts for a Mother’s Day gift. – Food pizza (6pm – 9pm)

  6. June

    1. Movie Night -Theme Varies (Christain Movie) – Movie/Pop Corn/Snacks

    2. Father’s Day – same as May

  7. July

    1. Independance Day – Theme Freed from Sin – Potluck lunch/BBQ/apple pie eating contest/outside games.

  8. August

    1. Ice Cream social – Theme – Way Cool for Jesus – Ice cream and toppings  

  9. September

    1. Movie Night -Theme Varies (Christain Movie) – Movie/Pop Corn/Snacks 

  10. October

    1. Tunk or treat – Theme – Halloween Alternative. – Candy/Tracks/games.

    2. Fall Festival – Theme Colors of Change – Potluck dinner Food must be colorful. (pick/draw a color) 

  11. November

    1. Thank You – Theme – Thanking God – Game Night/count your blessing/Snack & hot drinks (coffee/hot chocolate/apple cider)

  12. December

    1. Christmas Party – Theme Miraculous Birth – Food/Games/Gifts

    2. Christmas Play 

    3. Christmas Eve service.

These are a few ideals to get you started. Use them and customize the to your needs. But the most important thing is to keep the Gospel involved in the fun.