Magnificent Promises

Below find the links to some great Inspirational Poems and stories. If you have a favorite story or poem and would like to share it with us, I invite you to send it to us. You can email it to Thanks and May God Bless.


  1. The Starfish Story…  by Loren Eisley

  2. If there was a Stairway to Heaven… By Sharon Ann Kief

  3. Footprints in the Sand By Mary Stevenson, 1936

  4. But Sunday Comin… Author Unknown 

  5. Savior of My Soul… By Deborah Ann Belka

  6. Freddie the Leaf… by Leo Buscalgia

  7.  Something to think about… Author Unknown 

  8.  The Christmas Story… by Leanne Guenther

  9. Jesus: The Christ… By Trina Graves

  10. Does God Exist???  – Author Unknown 

  11. Twas the Night Before Christmas – Jesus Birth Version… By Rock Griffis

  12. Experience in hell…. Author Unknown 

  13. Duct Tape Fixes…. By Bob Lutes

  14. I am a Solder….  Author Unknown 

  15. God really Loves Me…. Author Unknown

  16. The Big Race…. By Bob Lutes

  17. Keep the Fork…. Author Unknown 

  18. What Happens in Heaven When We Pray?… Author Unknown

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