Magnificent Promises

Below find the links to some great Inspirational Poems and stories. If you have a favorite story or poem and would like to share it with us, I invite you to send it to us. You can email it to Thanks and May God Bless.


1.  Being a Mother…. Unknown Author

2.  God Really Love Me…. Unknown Author

3. The Gift…. Unknown Author 

4. Christmas at the Gas Station… Unknown Author 

5. The Greatest Thanksgiving.… By Nancy B. Gibbs

6.  Twins…. Author Unknown

7.  The Witness…. Author Unknown

8. Don’t Widen the Plate…. by coach John Scolinos

9. When Tomorrow Starts Without Me…. Author: David M Romano

10. Shoes….  Originally Post is from Larry Booth

11. Twas the night before Jesus… Author Unknown