Magnificent Promises

Here’s a short poem by Joyce Peeples about our relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our relationship with Jesus…
Love, Grace, & Faith… so sweet,
Knowing that He died to save us
We kneel humbly at His feet.

On this earth much strife and turmoil,
Seeking peace when there’s no peace,
When we give our heart to Jesus,
Only then will searching cease.

Do you know Him, really know Him?
Do you go to Him in prayer?
What a blessing… What a treasure…
When you know that He is there.

On Calvary He died to save us,
From our sins to set us free,
Do accept His gift of mercy
He gave His all for you and me.

Please dear Lord our steps do ‘order’
All through life we need Your care,
Guide our steps… alone we falter…
As we seek Your will in prayer.

Our relationship with Jesus
Love, Grace, & Faith… so sweet,
When we know Him as our Savior
Then, in Him, we are completed.

Thank you Lord.

Joyce Peeples 8/4/02

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